What Makes Me Happy?


1. I love photography so you know whats gonna be my favorite sound and thats the sound of a camera snap but specially I’m in love with the sound of a polaroid snap.

2. Experiencing things for the first time.

3. Making another people laugh or smile.

4. And while we’re on the topic of laughter, who doesn’t love the laugh of a baby?
Ans – NO ONE!! (But if theres someone who don’t, then theres something wrong with them)

5. Winter time (plus December is my favorite month because its got Christmas and also my birthday)

6. Reading good books specially the addictive one which you just want to keep reading.

7. Good music to dance to.8. DANCING..!!!

9. Taking good photos and showing the world what I see.

10. Writing down my feelings and knowing someone is out there reading it.

11. Dancing in the rain.

12. Nice coffee.

13. The smell of rain.

14. Driving with the windows down.

15. Having a silly dance party with my sisters.

16. Hugging my mom and dad.

17. Forehead kisses.

18. Finding money in and old pair of jeans or in a winter jacket.

19. Cold night breeze while looking at the stars.

20. Road trips..!!!


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