10 Facts About Me

Before starting, I just want to tell you that every month on 23rd I’ll be posting random blog about anything and everything. Updates about my month or anything that comes in my mind.

So, here are 10 facts about me :-
1) I’m scared of death and snake.
2) I wear tomboyish outfit because it’s more comfortable.
3) I’ve already told this in my previous blogs but I’ll say it again, I love road trips and also cars.

4) I don’t like bikes. I don’t know but I hate riding on it because I keep thinking I might fall down. I know it’s stupid but I just don’t like bikes.
5) I love books that have road trips in it. Also, books that are about love and friendship.
6) I love watching romantic comedy movies and horror movies.
7) I love winter and rainy season. And love dancing in rain.
8) I only put black nail polish on my nails.
9) I hate high heels. I wear converse and sneakers.
10) I’ve read so many love stories that now I have high expectation about love.

Comment down below some facts about you. I would love to read it.


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