The Winter Wonderland Tag w/ Lia (Lost In A Story)

Since winter is right around the corner, Lia from Lost In A Story and I decided to do a winter tag. What we simply did was write some winter based questions and answer them.


Here are the questions we choose:

  1. Do you like the cold?

Ans. Yes I do. I really like winter mornings and I would go to my house’s terrace and watch the thick fog while drinking coffee.

  1. Favorite part about winter?

Ans. My favorite part about winter is the winter wears. Like really cool jackets and hats.

  1. Does it snow where you live?

Ans. No and I’ve never seen snow before. It’s in my bucket list to experience a white Christmas.

  1. Favorite clothing item in winter?

Ans. My favorite clothing item is definitely jackets and boots.

  1. Your favorite winter memory?

Ans. Well, there are a lot of them. Simply because my cousins visit our home and we all celebrate Christmas, New Year & my birthday together. But there’s this one memory which is my favorite is when my friends and I went to picnic and we had so much fun.

  1. Favorite hot drink?

Ans. Hot chocolate and coffee.

  1. Best winter book to read curled up in a blanket?

Ans. Well, I actually don’t read seasonal based books. But actually I like to read cute YA books in winter while I’m curled up in a blanket and drink coffee.

  1. Best winter movie to watch?

Ans. New Year’s Eve. This movie is one of my favorite and I’ve been watching this movie every year.

  1. Do you do any winter sports (Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice – Skating)?

Ans. Never done anything because it doesn’t snow here but would love to do if I went to a place where there’s snow.

  1. Favorite Christmas/Holidays/New Year Tradition?

Ans. Decorating Christmas tree every year is my favorite.

Make sure to go and check out Lia’s answers to the questions and also while you’re there also follow her. She is really great blogger.

Lia’s Social Medias:

Twitter – @Lost_In_A_Story

Instagram – @lost_in_a_story

Thanks for reading and if you want to do this tag you can do it too. I would love to know your answers.



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