Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by Nandika from Yours A-fiction-ately for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much. Make sure to go and check out her blog.


Versatile Blogger Award is a blogging award where a blogger nominates 15 other bloggers and the chain continues to felicitate new and worthy bloggers.


Show the award on your blog.

Thank the person that has nominated you.

Share 7 different facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 blogs of your choice.

Link your nominees and let them know of the nomination.

So, here are 7 random facts about me:

  1. I’m scared of hospitals.
  2. I’m more into Hollywood movies & TV shows than Bollywood ones.
  3. I hate cooking but I love baking.
  4. I’m addicted to the Pixar movie ‘Cars’. I have total 5 merchandise of it.
  5. I still have the ‘Winnie the Pooh’ teddy bear that I bought when I was 7 years old.
  6. I prefer to watch romantic/emotional movies alone because I don’t like crying in front of someone.
  7. I’m a family person. I just love to spend time with my family and go on family trips.

I nominate:

On The Page


Jade Writes

Sugar Coat Hope

Thoughts Talk Tea

Two Book Minimum

Pinafores & Posies

Emma’s Bookery

The Fourth Month

Simply Lauren Elizabeth

Pink Lemonade & Paperbacks

A Literary Potion

Life Is A Book Blog

Em’s Book Corner

Wandered Souls

P.S. If you want to know more facts about me then go and check out “10 Facts About Me”.



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