Our Wishlist For 2017 w/ Tanya (Scribbled Dreams)

Since it’s a new year and everyone is making new resolutions and trying to promise to do things and making list of things they want to do this year, Tanya from Scribbled Dreams and I decided to share our wish list with you guys. Make sure to go and check out Tanya’s blog and follow her because she is an amazing writer and also an amazing person as well.

Copy of GOUNELLE.png

Tanya’s Wishlist

  1. Learn how to handle criticism. I have a hard time dealing with criticism, even if the person is just trying to help me. So, this year I will focus on accepting criticism.
  2. Staying positive. I overthink every possible scenario thus letting negative thoughts enter. I plan on thinking and doing positive things.
  3. I want to work hard and get my desired grades and get into a good college.
  4. I want to be more creatively productive. And collaborate with wonderful bloggers out there. Which means I must stop procrastinating.
  5. Read way more books than I did in 2016. I have noticed that to stay creative, I need to read/watch other things out there.

My Wishlist

  1. Live in the moment and not to worry too much.
  2. To reach 300 followers in my blog.
  3. Be more active in my Bookstagram account.
  4. To do at least 5 things from my bucket list.
  5. To get my photography on a book cover. I always see these amazing photos on a book cover and now I like want to see a photo taken by me on a book cover. This wish is now like in my top ten. I know I won’t get it done in 2017 but I really wish it to come true one day.

What’s on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments down below.

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