10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

If you’re single then you’re in the right place. *High Five* ✋ Let’s join the Singles Squad! I’ve been single for my whole life and I’m well acquainted with being single in Valentine’s day. But I do believe this day shouldn’t be just celebrated by the couples. This day should be celebrated for love and not just love between partners but love between friends, family and even things. #SpreadLove ❤️

Things to do onValentine's Dayif you'reSingle.png

So, here’s things to do in Valentine’s Day if you’re single:

  1. Read Books!
  2. Binge-watch your favorite TV show. I personally watch Once Upon A Time.
  3. Watch all the classic Disney movies.
  4. Gift yourself something (and by “something”, I don’t mean flowers or teddies) something that you really need. I bought myself a backpack.
  5. Spend your day with you siblings.
  6. Treat yourself with some cake or chocolate or anything you like or even pizza for you survived half of the day.
  7. Don’t even of think of stalking your ex in social media.
  8. Call your single friends and have a sleepover.
  9. Masturbate! I mean, why not? 😉
  10. And finally, take a box of tissues, some popcorn and put on some romantic movies and cry as much as you want because who knows how long you’re gonna be single for.

JUST KIDDING! No, I’m not.. 😜

But honestly all jokes apart, just have fun and enjoy your day. Treat it like it’s just a regular day and do whatever you do in a normal day even though you’re going be reminded that it’s Valentine’s day because it’s gonna be everywhere; TV and Internet 😞 But you know what;

It can be a bummer to be single on Valentine’s Day, but only if you allow it to be.




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