One Tree Hill Book Tag

I love tags like this where I get to combine the things that I love in just one post. As much as I love reading I also love watching TV shows and ‘One Tree Hill’ is my all-time favorite show. So, I thought why not make a book tag of it. And if you want to do it feel free to do it and let me know that you did so I can see your answers too.

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Lucas Scott


He has loved Peyton Sawyer since he was young; Name one of your first fictional crushes

Cameron Hamilton from Wait for You by J. Lynn


Ever since I’ve read this book I haven’t been able to keep Cameron out of my mind. He is definitely on the top of my list of fictional crushes.

Peyton Sawyer


I related to Peyton in many ways; Name one character that you relate to

Maude from Autofocus by Lauren Gibaldi


Other than Peyton, Maude is the second character whom I related to in like a personal level, from her personality to the things she likes.

Nathan Scott


He is a talented basketball player; Name a character with a talent you want

Tegan Lockwood from Melody’s Key by Dallas Coryell


Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to play a piano and since Tegan is really great at that, I would love to have her talent.

Haley James


The BFF everyone needs; Name a character whom you want to be best friends with

Emily from Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson


I mean who wouldn’t? The things she did for her best friend. She’s a really great friend, trustworthy and she’ll always be there even when you don’t want her there.

Brooke Davis


She went from being the drunken high school student to one of the most successful business woman; Name a character with the best development

Mallory Dodge from The problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Amentrout


I just really loved how far Mallory came in her life where she’s comfortable with herself and the people around her.

Julian Baker


He is a film producer; Name your favorite adaptation

At the moment, Nerve and A Monster Calls


Mouth McFadden


He was a side character who became a main character; Name your favorite side character

Ben from Paper Towns by John Green


When I read the book, Ben was the only character that I liked and then when I saw the movie, he became my favorite character from Paper Towns.

Clay Evans


He lost his wife and was really depressed for a long time; Name a character that you last read had a sad/depressing past

Christian Grey from Fifty Shades Trilogy by E. L. James


I know there are many people who hate Christian but honestly I don’t. Yeah, there was times where I was really angry at him but there was also times where I felt bad for him for what he been through.

Quinn James


She is strong, gorgeous and an amazing photographer; Name your favorite female character

Zahra from The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury


When I read this book I was in awe. I mean, Zahra is such a great character and just so strong.

Tree Hill


Name a fictional place you would love to visit

It’s obvious. HOGWARTS!!


Which is your favorite TV show? And let me know if you liked it and want more posts like this because I sure did loved doing it.



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