Review: In The Hope Of Memories by Olivia Rivers

So here’s the thing: I’m scared of dying. Before I say anything about the book, I had to let it out, mainly because this whole book is like based around a girl who is dead. I mean the constant reminder of death in every single chapter just gave me anxiety. And it’s not that the book is bad or really boring because it isn’t. It’s a really interesting story but it really wasn’t for me.


I mean the story is great and the characters are pretty interesting too. And I’m not even saying that I hated this book. It’s just the thought of dying gives me the creeps and I had to like force myself to keep reading but not because I didn’t wanted to read it but because I wanted to know what happened next and to know how the story would end. And the ending is great, really great. So this book is not a love story. It’s about friendship, trust and finding yourself. The concept of the book is really great, where the characters go on a scavenger hunt (and it like caught my attention because it’s in my bucket list; #136 – to go on a scavenger hunt) set by their friend, Hope, who sets it before she dies. So they have to go to this hunt to figure out what Hope wanted to tell them. And it’s really interesting to see these four strangers, who don’t have anything in common expect they are friends with Hope, to go on a scavenger hunt set by their dead friend.

I would definitely recommend this book but if you’re anything like me and can’t stand to think about dying then I’ll just give you a head’s up before you read this because as I said it before it was a bit scary for me to read it. But let me know how you felt about this book. Maybe it’s just me and I’m just overreacting about it.


Hope is dying.
Hope Jackson has lived her short life to the fullest, but her four closest friends are dangling on the brink of disaster. Right before dying of a rare heart condition, Hope sets up a scavenger hunt across New York City using her graffiti art. The directions she leaves her friends are simple: Solve the clues hidden in her art, and they’ll solve the problems haunting their lives.
Hope is dead.
Two days after her heart fails, Hope’s friends are thrown together:
Aiden, her best friend, whose plans to attend college have been scattered by his OCD.
Kali, her foster sister, whose last ties to sanity are as razor-thin as her anorexic waistline.
Erik, her high school crush, whose success as an athlete is based on a lie with no end in sight.
And Sam, her online pen-pal, whose perfect life exploded into chaos in the aftermath of a school bombing.
Together, the four teens take to the streets of New York to complete Hope’s scavenger hunt and fulfill her dying wishes. But in order to unravel the clues hidden in Hope’s graffiti, her friends will need to confront their personal demons head on.
Hope is within reach.

Publisher: Red Sparrow Press

Pub. Date: 16 March, 2016

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

Pages: 406

Format: Kindle Edition

My Ratings: ❤️❤️❤️❤️



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