Past Bedtime Vlog | Vlog Channel

Last night I realized that I haven’t yet made an announcement about my vlog channel. It’s been like a month that I started it and forgot to tell you guys, I know I’m really bad at this but also I’m new at it so hope you forgive me. So yes, I have started a YouTube channel called “Past Bedtime Vlog” and I’ve also posted my first vlog, you can watch it here.


I always wanted to start a YouTube channel ever since I watched Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii. I’ve tried many times but failed at keeping up with it because of my examinations but I’m giving it a shot again. So I made up my mind and I’m not going to give up again. *fingers crossed*

So once I was close to 100 followers in my blog I tweeted this:


Some of you guys supported me and that lifted my spirit even high and I felt like I could do this if you guys are there with me.

Finally when I reached 100 followers in my blog, which was so great, I literally was dancing up and down in my room, I tweeted this:


I basically thought I would post only vlogs but then I thought I also want to post about books too. So I held a poll asking you guys and you can clearly see the answer. And I am happy with the answer, I would post both, but mostly vlogs as you can see and sometimes I’ll post about books (reviews and discussions).

So I hope you guys will go and subscribe to my vlog channel and also if anyone of you also have a YouTube channel, do leave your links in the comments below so we can be vlog buddies.




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