Kiss, Marry or Kill? [Book Edition]

Hopefully you are quite familiar with this game. I mean I’ve seen this tag float around in YouTube for ages and recently I saw this tag in Booktube too (booktube? You ask. Well it’s just YouTube channels based around books). So I thought of doing it too mainly because it’s a really interesting game.


So basically how this game works is you take names of characters and randomly pick 3 names and choose whom you want to Kiss, Marry or Kill. It’s pretty simple, right? But it’s not. I had to think a lot before making the final decision because it was so hard to choose between such good characters and some of them I didn’t even wanted to kill. So before I start the game I just want to tell all the characters that I’ll kill, it’s nothing personal and I don’t really want to kill you.

Round 1

Elliot Grey from Fifty Shades Trilogy, Theodore Finch from All the Bright Places & Augustus Waters from The Fault in our Stars


Kiss Augustus, Marry Elliot and Kill Theodore.

Round 2

Johnny from We Were Liars, Levi from Fangirl & Quentin from Paper Towns


Kiss Quentin, Marry Levi and Kill Johnny.

Round 3

Isaac from The Fault in our Stars, Bennett from Autofocus & Four from Divergent


Kiss Four, Marry Bennett and Kill Isaac.

Round 4

Matthew from Say What You Will, Oliver from The Last Little Blue Envelope & Clark from The Unexpected Everything


Kiss Oliver, Marry Clark and Kill Matthew.

Round 5

Jase Garret from My Life Next Door, Minho from Maze Runner & Dash from Dash & Lily’s Book Of Dares


Kiss Dash, Marry Jase and Kill Minho.

Round 6

Ian from Nerve, Oliver from The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight & Ben from Paper Towns


Kiss Ian, Marry Ben and Kill Oliver.

Round 7

Keith from 13 Little Blue Envelope, Gat from We Were Liars & Harry Potter from Harry Potter Series


Kiss Gat, Marry Harry (Hahaha that rhymed) and Kill Keith.

Round 8

Christian Grey from Fifty Shades Trilogy, Jax from Stay with Me & Frank from Since You’ve Been Gone


Kiss Jax, Marry Frank and Kill Christian.

Round 9

Hudson from Let’s Get Lost, R from Warm Bodies & Dallas from The Replacement Crush


Kiss R, Marry Dallas and Kill Hudson.

Round 10

Rider Stark from The Problem with Forever, Mason Keane from Melody’s Key & Will Traynor from Me Before You


Kiss Mason, Marry Rider and Kill Will (Hahaha that rhymed too).

Round 11

Thomas from Maze Runner, Austin from Never Eighteen & Caleb from What Light


Kiss Thomas, Marry Caleb and Kill Auston.

Round 12

Cameron Hamilton from Wait for You, Noah from Girl Online Series & Roger from Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour


Kiss Roger, Marry Cameron and Kill Noah.

Round 13

Graham Larkin from This is What Happy Looks Like, Jase from Be with Me & Etienne St. Clair from Anna and the French Kiss


Kiss Jase, Marry Etienne and Kill Graham.

Round 14

Aladdin from The Forbidden Wish, Erik from In the hope of memories & Newt from Maze Runner


Kiss Newt, Marry Aladdin and Kill Erik.

Well that was really hard thing to do. But if you liked it and also thought of doing it too let me know in the comments down below so I can check out your post.




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