Problems of Being a Book Nerd

So here’s the thing: I’m the only book nerd in my family and they don’t understand me at all. Whenever I’m really into a book and laughing or crying they all say that “I’ve gone mad” and that “Why I’m taking the books so seriously?” and it just makes me want to cry even more because they really don’t know what these books mean to me and what these books are doing to me. And as a book nerd we do have lots of problems and I know you’ll relate to most of it.

Problems of being a

So here are some of the problems of being a book nerd:

– Deciding which book to read next.

– The horror of getting crushed by your TBR pile.

– People who say, “You do know it’s just a book, right?

– Books so sexy you worry reading them in public view constitute sexual harassment.

– Books so funny you become that person laughing alone at a restaurant.

– Books so sad you become that person ugly crying in public.

– Only four pages to go!… and it’s your train stop.

– Books that won’t stay open when you’re trying to read.

– Deleted characters in adaptations.

– Talking about the characters like they are a real person (not that they are not! They are very real to me).


– No matter how many times you read it, the sad parts of your favorite book always happen just the same.

– Dropping a book on your face while reading on your back.

– Finishing the best book ever before anyone else you know, and having no one to talk to about it.

– Your bedtime lies somewhere between 11 p.m. and whenever this book stops being so. damn. good.

– The unreasonable disappointment of discovering that your secret quirky character crush is everyone’s secret quirky character crush.

Well the list goes on! But let me know if you’ve faced these problems too. That way we won’t be alone facing these problems.



9 thoughts on “Problems of Being a Book Nerd

  1. Lia says:

    Yes to all of these!
    “Your bedtime lies somewhere between 11 p.m. and whenever this book stops being so. damn. good.” — Damn right! Yesterday that was 1.45 am, and that was when the book ended.

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