Show Review: Detective Conan

So let’s take a walk down my memory lane. I’m 10 years old and it’s a normal morning like every day. It’s a school morning and I always wake up at 6 o’ clock but today I woke up at 5 o’clock. I don’t have anything to do so I decide to watch cartoon. I turn on the TV and go through all the cartoon channels but nothing interesting is on because it’s way early and kids aren’t supposed to watch TV this early and half of the channels are showing those ads about the mop which is super easy to use and can clean every corner of your house.


I was about to give up and turn off the TV when I stumbled on a cartoon channel which was showing a cartoon I’ve never seen before neither have heard about it before. So I thought of watching it because I was so not interested to watch an over hyped lady cleaning different types of floors. As I started to watch it, I was hooked to it. I just finished watching the first episode of the show and I wanted more of it. The rest of the day I kept thinking about the show and that day I decided to wake up every day at 5 o’clock just to watch the show.

Yes! Detective Conan is the one and only cartoon show that I’m addicted to since I was 10 years old. Well there are many cartoons that I love but Detective Conan will always be on the top. The things that still amaze me is that year was the same year that I got to know about Sherlock Holmes and got addicted to it and then I always used to wake up at 6 o’clock but that day I woke up at 5 o’clock that to on the day the first episode of the show aired on the TV. It’s like the universe wanted me to see the show. But then I think the universe saw that I was getting way too addicted to the show because after season 3 the channel stopped airing the show maybe because it was way too graphic for the kids, that’s why they canceled the show. I was so sad that I cried the whole day.


But then this year, I finally thought of finding the show online and found that the show is still going on and it’s in its 25th season. Now my days are passing by, me watching Detective Conan. I’m watching from the start because I don’t want to miss any episode. Right now I’m at season 5 and it’s still my favorite show till this date.

So basically this show is about a high school detective, Shinichi Kudo, who was inadvertently shrunk into a child’s body due to a poison he was force-fed by members of a criminal syndicate. His neighbor and family friend, Professor Agasa, strongly suggested Shinichi hide his identity to prevent them from killing him and the people he cares about, so Shinichi takes the name, Conan Edogawa. He goes to live with his childhood friend, Ran Mouri and her father, Kogoro Mouri, and tries to use Kogoro’s detective agency as a way to find the people who shrank him—without letting Ran figure out who he really is.


The stories, adventures and mysteries are so great. Plus the characters are also amazing. I mean I really love Kudo but theres also this other character named Kaito Kid, who is a thief but he also have a story of his own. And also he looks a lot like Kudo and makes few appearances in the show.  So anyway, if you love Sherlock Holmes, mystery and detective shows, you should definitely watch this show.



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