College Life | Blog Series

Finally bringing something new thing in this blog. I’m going off to college and thought why not start a series about it. I’ll be posting about my college/dorm life, tips and tricks if I’ll get to know of some and I’ll definitely be vlogging so make sure to subscribe to my channel – Past Bedtime Vlog. Also you can follow me in Snapchat for more daily vlogs –Β pastbedtimeblog.


I actually searched for series like this where I’ll get to know some things about going off to university or like anything else about college/dorm life but I didn’t but if you know of any please do tell me in the comments down below.

I’ll be going off to college next week and I’m honestly really scared. I’ve never stayed in a dorm room before and I honestly never stayed away from my home for more than 2 weeks. Living with someone else in a single room for 3 years, SCARY!!! But I just hope I’ll get a nice roommate. I still have some packing left to do and also some shopping left to do. But even though all these things is scaring me and also frustrating me but I’m really excited to get out of my comfort zone and do something new for a change. Plus I’ll get to take you with me in this scary but amazing journey and I just hope you’ll like this series.



16 thoughts on “College Life | Blog Series

  1. Lexi says:

    Oh you’re going to have an amazing time! I’m currently going into my third year of college and I still have a month before I go back, but I’m ready to leave! I had the greatest transformation of my life in college. It helps you figure out who you really are and what you really want out of life. I hope you have a great time, and just keep an open mind! ❀️

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