My First Day in My Dorm!

My first day of living alone! Literally because my roommate isn’t here yet.


So I finally arrived to the university, got my keys and filled all the forms. When I entered my room the first thought that came to my mind was, this room looks really familiar. Then I remembered this room is really familiar to the room of Cath’s from Fangirl. And I was like, you know everything is the same but the only thing that’s missing or should I say the only person that’s missing is Levi. 😋

But anyway, the dorm is really good, the campus is way better. Well this university is on top of a hill so it’s really cold here compared to where I lived.


The view from our campus!

I still have to unpack but I can’t wait to post this and tell you guys how I feel. I was really scared but now that I’m here, it doesn’t feel that scary. So that out of the way. I was also really worried which side of the room I would get. It’s not that I’m very specific about this stuff but I don’t know why I really wanted the right side. So I kept thinking if my roommate came before me and picked the right side then I had to be in the left. But when I came here I came to know that I’m the first one so I got my right side. 😁

Tomorrow I’ll go and check out the library and hope they got some great books. So far everything’s going pretty good. My classes are going to start from this Monday. So that’s it for today.

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24 thoughts on “My First Day in My Dorm!

  1. delphinethebabbler says:

    OMG that view is completely and utterly ENCHANTING! Have loads of fun and remember this is going to be the best years of your life. I just finished uni and I almost wish I could start over and would have been more involved instead of always in bed with my books, haha.
    Good Luck !

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  2. RebeccaAck says:

    Have Fun! That view is absolutely breathtaking. As someone who is just starting college as well in the fall, it is good to see others experiencing the same things I am going to be experiencing. I can’t wait to live alone, but it might be a little scary to be without my parents for the first couple of days. It is going to be an amazing adventure.

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