My First Week of College

Yayyy!!!! I finally survied my first week of my college.


I’ve honestly been trying to find time to blog and read books because this week has been hectic. The first day was honestly really scary. I actually was having panic attacks in the morning but later everything was fine. Met many people from all over the country. It’s really interesting to talk to them about their city and their culture. So far everything is going pretty good. The food that we get is not really tasty but it’s good enough that we can actually eat it. The weather here is really cold compared to where I lived. In July, it is actually really hot in my town but here we are walking around with our hoodies on. At night it gets more chilled. But the view is really amazing from here. We are on hilltop so my batch-mates and me just hang around and enjoy the view.

Oh! I forgot to tell you. My roommate finally came on Sunday. I was so happy to see her. And honestly she’s actually really pretty cool. She isn’t a book-lover like me but she is a music lover plus she loves to watch TV Shows too. So that’s the plus point. We actually talked the whole evening about music, Riverdale, Lilly Singh, and about lots of other things too.


Honestly everything is going pretty good but the classes are really boring. I was dozing off during today’s lecture. But still I’m trying to enjoy myself. And I’m actually kinda missing my family and friends too but I call them everyday.

Well that’s it for today. If you love reading about my College Life, read my post about My First Day in My Dorm.




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