Still Trying to Adjust to the College Life

This is way harder than I thought!!


It’s almost 1 month and I haven’t read a single page. Ever since I came to Uni I haven’t got time to read and I feel so bad. Neither am I reading nor I’ve been active on my blog. I’m trying so hard to take out some time for everything I love but nothing is going my way. Honestly I didn’t really realised that it’ll be this hard to balance my college life and my blog. But I have to! I’m trying and I’ll keep trying to take out time for both.

Other than that, everything is going great. Made some cool friends who are equally crazy like me and some are more crazier but I’m enjoying every single moment with them. The thing that’s bothering me and everyone here is the weather. It has been raining continuously and we haven’t seen the sun for the past 3 weeks and we are all tired of the rain. But we can’t do anything about it so we’re just trying to adjust to the weather. And also trying to adjust to the food that we get here. I actually never thought I’ll say this but I really miss my home food. I’m actually counting the days when I’ll go back to my home and eat my Mom’s food. But it’s all good. Next month we’re going to our first study tour and I’m looking forward to it. Hope we’re gonna have lots of fun! And I’ll keep you guys updated to it and also post a whole blog about our tour.

Well that’s it for today. If you love reading about my College Life, read my post about My First Day in My Dorm!Β and My First Week of College.



9 thoughts on “Still Trying to Adjust to the College Life

  1. lnypublishing says:

    I remember my first day in medical school. I was culture shocked! The students were so multiracial, the syllabus was too heavy, and not to mention all the financial stresses. But now I am 4 years strong in the course and I have to say it’s a good experience so far. I hope it does for you too! πŸ™‚

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