1 Year Blog Anniversary!!

WAIT!!! WHAATTTT???? Its 1 year already!! Bloody Hell!! Or am I in a parallel universe?? But honestly it actually feels great. I’d tried the whole blog thing 2 times before but both the times nothing actually happened and I deleted both the blogs. But I still wanted to blog then I came across the community of Book Blogger and now here I am, still going strong.

angela'stea party

Honestly the community of book bloggers is the best. I never had any friends who were as crazy as me about books but ever since I’ve started this blog, I’ve made so many friends whom I can fangirl with about books and still making new friends every day. I’m really glad that I decided to start this blog because it really makes me happy and I get to share my love for books and movies with you guys. THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!!! You guys make me happy every single day. Continue reading